Poland - Sacred Plant Medicine Weekend

Poland - Sacred Plant Medicine Weekend

13 Jul 10:00 - 15 Jul 18:30 - Gdansk
Gdansk, Poland


A three day Medicine journey where we work with Masterplants from the Andean Amazonian regions.

We offer an intensive journey on all levels, living the truth of the moment coming from the clarity of your own heart.

In this holistic approach, Posture work and emotional release techniques will be part of the program. There will be moments of verbal integration, combined with (family-) constellation work. The use of Medicine becomes being your own Medicine.

The program in short:

Day 1: Sharing our intentions for the weekend. We open the weekend with a Sweatlodge and the medicine of the Andean grandfather.

There is a moment to eat a light meal and have a rest before the night starts. The Ceremony with the Amazonian tea is held in the dark, lasts about 6 hours and is conducted through traditional Icaros and Sacred Songs.

Day 2: Starting the day with Kambo. After breakfast we will rest to gain strength for the Medicine ceremony in the night.

Day 3 : The last day will be used to integrate the journey with specific bodywork and a verbal integration.

Depending on both individual needs and the group energy, we may adjust the program during the weekend.

Angelique, Zowie combine their 15 years of training with a traditional Medicine man with a daring no nonsense approach. They actively bridge the Andean Amazonian traditions to the western mindset.
Part of their extensive training have been traditional Vision Quest, plant diets, constellation work and massage therapy.
As a couple they integrate both feminine and masculine energy by embodying different archetypes.

Interested? Questions?
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You will receive more detailed information about diet and preparation after your booking.


Looking forward to meet you!
warm regards,

Angelique, Zowie.

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